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Affordable Housing On Nova Scotia’s South Shore: A Policy Toolkit for Lunenburg and Queens

The South Shore Housing Action Coalition is pleased to share  this resource, prepared for us by Ross Grant, a Master of Planning student from Dalhousie’s School of Planning and Architecture.

The report builds on previous work on best practices by SSHAC and provides an over view of the regulatory framework of affordable housing in Canada, Nova Scotia and the municipalities representing Lunenburg and Queens counties.


Affordable Housing On Nova Scotia’s South Shore: A Policy Toolkit for Lunenburg and Queens

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Election Edition of Keeping in Touch Now Available!

The South Shore Housing Action Coalition is pleased to share the latest edition of our Newsletter, Keeping in Touch.  This special Election Edition provides information about why affordable housing is an election issue; an overview of housing-related election activities, the latest SSHAC updates, responses to our questions about housing from the 4 Candidates for South Shore – St. Margaret’s, and our Federal Election Fact Sheet.   Lend your support to our call for action on affordable housing and raise it as an issue during the campaign!

Get your copy here.


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Make Affordable Housing an Election Issue

The 2015 Federal Election Campaign is now underway!  Make affordable housing an election issue by learning more about housing issues in your community, asking questions of your candidates, and sharing information with others.  SSHAC has developed a Fact Sheet about issues in Lunenburg and Queens Counties, questions for candidates and will be publishing a special election issue of our Newsletter in September.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates and information throughout the campaign.  Check our our 2015 Federal Election page for resources and information about making affordable housing an election issue.

 factsheetpicAffordable housing(2)

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The 2015 Spring Newsletter is here!

Spring 2015 Newsletter

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Winter 2015 Newsletter is Here

Check it out!

Winter 2015 Newsletter

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Our Latest Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is now available. Check it out!

Fall 2014 Newsletter

SSHAC Fall 2014 Newsletter

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New Website and Registry for Smoke-Free Housing in Nova Scotia

SmokeFreeHousingLogoThe South Shore Housing Action Coalition is focused on achieving healthy, affordable housing for all. Smoke Free Nova Scotia and its partners have created a new website and registry is now available for Nova Scotians seeking smoke-free housing. See below for more information.

In Nova Scotia, there are laws in place to protect citizens from second-hand smoke exposure at work, at restaurants and bars and other places they visit; however, many are still exposed to second-hand smoke because of where they live. Nova Scotians who live in apartments, condominiums or other multi-unit dwellings are often exposed to their neighbour’s tobacco smoke.

Smoke-Free Housing Nova Scotia was created to encourage and assist landlords, property managers, and condominium developers and corporations to create more smoke-free housing options for Nova Scotians living in multi-unit condominiums, rented apartments and other rented multi-unit housing (apartment or basement suite within a house, row house or townhouse). Information to help tenants protect themselves from second-hand smoke is also included. The goal is to make smoke-free multi-unit housing the norm in Nova Scotia – where supply meets demand. also includes a free registry of smoke-free multi-unit buildings for tenants, landlords and/or condominium corporations. Tenants can search the registry for smoke-free homes across Nova Scotia, and landlords/condominium corporations can add their properties to the registered listings.

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The Spring Newsletter is now online!

New Approach to Housing Options?
Could thin-shelled concrete domes be a partial solution to the affordable housing problem on the South Shore? That’s the opinion of Quin Nilsson, a builder/contractor from Waterloo, Lunenburg County who was the guest presenter at the March meeting of SSHAC.  Read more about monolithic domes in the newsletter here.
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A peak inside our winter newsletter.

SSHAC: Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

(from 2014 Winter Newsletter)

The end of one year and beginning of another is traditionally a time of both reflection and planning. The South Shore Housing Action Coalition is no exception to this tradition. The first couple months of this year have seen sub-committees developing and presenting to the whole group action plans for 2014. Items high on the agenda include:

  • developing the foundation for a Collaborative Housing Needs Assessment in towns/municipal units on the South Shore (including building a business case/proposal and getting buy-in from all municipal units, and hopefully other potential funders), with a goal of conducting the study in 2015;
  • researching best practices for housing in a rural context, and developing and promoting a concise report and presentation on the topic;
  • ·strengthening the meeting and coordination structure of SSHAC, as well as broadening public representation on SSHAC;
  • increasing communication and awareness through the SSHAC newsletter, Facebook page and (upcoming) website;
  • Conducting  appropriate follow-up on 2013 Resolution on Housing Standards (put forth at annual conference of Union of Nova Scotia municipalities ).

Other plans we are considering but for which don’t yet have the necessary working groups in place, include:

  • hosting a Housing Forum; and
  • promoting/advocating for Age Friendly Construction (i.e. changes in            construction / renovation activities, to be more inclusive of barrier-free design       (accessibility, fixtures).

Reflecting over the past year, it would seem that SSHAC has been doing well in terms achieving our goal of raising awareness and action on the need for quality affordable housing. Presentations to all  municipal councils in Lunenburg Queens resulted in each unit now being represented on our committee. We also saw a resolution put forth to Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities on housing standards, increased community engagement at our meetings, and through our newsletter and Facebook page, production (through assistance of Public Health) of a demographic report on housing in our area, and eight members attending the annual conference of the Affordable Housing Association of Nova Scotia..  

It may be possible that the work of SSHAC has not yet had an impact on the quality or availability of affordable housing in our area.  But we’re pleased with the many advances that have been made over the past few years.  Remembering the saying “seek progress not perfection” we’re confident that 2014 will see continued forward momentum.

Read More from our Newsletter

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A New Home for SSHAC

Welcome to our new online home! We are in the process of populating this site with information about the South Shore Housing Action Coalition, our work, housing in our communities and more. Thanks for your patience – stay tuned!

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