Housing Alternatives: What could work here?

We’ve been curious what housing alternatives could our communities support?  We did some digging and have pulled some options together that we believe could work.  Check them out, here:

2018 Housing alternatives for Lunenburg County FInal_2

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Lunenburg and Queens Counties Households, Housing and Income: Census Highlights 2006-2016

SSHAC is pleased to share our Census Highlights report about households, housing and income in Lunenburg and Queens Counties. The report (available as a combined report, or as individual reports) looks at Census data from 2006, 2011, and 2016 to help support our understanding of housing related issues in our communities.

HHI 2018

Households, Income and Housing 2016

Lunenburg County

Chester 2016 Profile

Mahone Bay 2016 Profile

MODL 2016 Profile

Town of Lunenburg 2016 Profile

Town of Bridgewater

Queens County

RQM 2016 Profile

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Canadian Institute of Planners Recognizes SSHAC Housing Needs Assessment with Social Planning Award for Planning Excellence Merit

IMG_20170823_110150Award for Planning Excellence Merit
Project Name: South Shore Housing Action Coalition Housing (SSHAC) Needs Assessment
Company:David Harrison Lt. and TEAL Architects+Planners Inc.

South Shore Housing Action Coalition Housing Needs Assessment is one of the first comprehensive community-based assessments in Nova Scotia. This project was based on the presumption of a need for affordable housing for six municipalities in Nova Scotia’s South Shore and was commissioned in order to better understand the short and long-term housing needs of these municipalities.

The jury found that this study identified actionable projects that each of the six assessed municipalities could initiate and use to advocate for safe and affordable housing methods such as emergency shelters, transitional or social housing, affordable rental and affordable home ownership.

This report emphasized the impact that Municipal governments have on housing type and affordability in their jurisdictions and is being recognized with an Award of Merit for effectively moving from a needs assessment to an action plan and in highlighting affordable housing as a substantial and current issue all across Canada.

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Keeping In Touch is Back

After a bit of a hiatus, we are pleased to share that our newsletter, Keeping in Touch is back!  Check out the latest edition, which includes, highlights from work we’ve been involved, an article about Tiny Homes and responses to our questions about housing from provincial election candidates along the South Shore.

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And the Award for Best Comprehensive Plan Goes To…

On November 16th, 2016, David Harrison and TEAL Architects were awarded the Atlantic Planners Institute Award for Best Comprehensive Plan, for the South Shore Housing Action Coalition’s Housing Needs Assessment. Learn more about the awards, at http://atlanticplanners.org/awards/api-planning-excellence-awards/.

See the Housing Assessment Report, here.

API Award

From left: Nathan Rogers, LPPANS President; Sam Murphy, API President; David Harrison of David Harrison Ltd; Ross Grant of TEAL Architects and Planners Inc. 

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2017 Provincial Election

Make Housing an Election Issue

On May 30th, Nova Scotians go to the polls.  During this campaign, let’s make Housing an issue!  In partnership with the Shelburne County Housing Coalition, we have created a fact sheet about housing and what action the provincial government could take to improve access to safe, healthy and affordable housing for all Nova Scotians.  Check out the fact sheet, here.

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South Shore Collaborative Housing Needs Assessment

We are pleased to share with you the final report from our 2016 South Shore Collaborative Housing Needs Assessment, winner of the 2016 Atlantic Planners Institute Award for Best Comprehensive Plan!  Read the report here.

Front Cover

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Let’s Talk Housing: SSHAC’s Response

Let’s Talk Housing has been seeking feedback from Canadians regarding the development of a National Housing Strategy.  The period of consultation ends on October 21st.  We encourage everyone to share their thoughts and ideas about what a National Housing Strategy should look like.  You can share your thoughts via the online survey or email at http://letstalkhousing.ca.  Our response (see below) is provided for your consideration.  Please do share and encourage others to participate!


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Housing Is A Municipal Issue


The 2016 Municipal Election Campaign is underway across the municipalities of Lunenburg and Queens Counties, and Nova Scotia.  We are raising awareness among the candidates and within our communities about the need for healthy, safe and affordable housing options for all, at every stage of life.

Are you interested in learning more about housing in your community?  Are you curious about the role of municipal government in housing? Check out our 2016 Municipal Elections page to learn more.2016faqmunsm1



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Hot off the Press: Winter 2016 Issue of Keeping in Touch

The 14th issue of Keeping in Touch: News from the South Shore Housing Action Coalition is now available.  We hope you enjoy!  Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about anything you’ve read, have suggestions for future articles, or want to share your thoughts with us.  Email us at sshousingaction@gmail.com.


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