2017 Provincial Election

On May 30th, Nova Scotians go to the polls.  During this campaign, let’s make Housing an issue!  In partnership with the Shelburne County Housing Coalition, we have created a fact sheet about housing and what action the provincial government could take to improve access to safe, healthy and affordable housing for all Nova Scotians.

Ask a candidate:

  1. In your opinion, what are the housing needs of people living in your riding?
  2. In your role as MLA, what steps and actions will you take as our representative to address housing challenges locally?
  3. What is your party’s plan for taking action on the diverse housing needs of Nova Scotians?

Provincial Election Fact Sheet



Other Resources

Groups and organizations from across Nova Scotia are working to raise awareness of housing issues in their communities during this campaign.  We are pleased to share some of these here, for your consideration.