New Website and Registry for Smoke-Free Housing in Nova Scotia

SmokeFreeHousingLogoThe South Shore Housing Action Coalition is focused on achieving healthy, affordable housing for all. Smoke Free Nova Scotia and its partners have created a new website and registry is now available for Nova Scotians seeking smoke-free housing. See below for more information.

In Nova Scotia, there are laws in place to protect citizens from second-hand smoke exposure at work, at restaurants and bars and other places they visit; however, many are still exposed to second-hand smoke because of where they live. Nova Scotians who live in apartments, condominiums or other multi-unit dwellings are often exposed to their neighbour’s tobacco smoke.

Smoke-Free Housing Nova Scotia was created to encourage and assist landlords, property managers, and condominium developers and corporations to create more smoke-free housing options for Nova Scotians living in multi-unit condominiums, rented apartments and other rented multi-unit housing (apartment or basement suite within a house, row house or townhouse). Information to help tenants protect themselves from second-hand smoke is also included. The goal is to make smoke-free multi-unit housing the norm in Nova Scotia – where supply meets demand. also includes a free registry of smoke-free multi-unit buildings for tenants, landlords and/or condominium corporations. Tenants can search the registry for smoke-free homes across Nova Scotia, and landlords/condominium corporations can add their properties to the registered listings.

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